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Team 91 was started with one thing in mind. To provide an unparalleled level of teaching, that which is not seen in travel most organizations. Now in our twelfth  year, our coaches are among some of the best in the game today! They include 3 MLL Coaches of the Year, MLL Positional Players of the Year, and several MLL All-Stars, as well as countless college All-American players as well as college and HS coaches.

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Team 91 Varsity ’22 Darien Fray Commits to Bridgeport

Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Darien Fray has always prided himself on being something of a role model to those around him. The Team 91 Varsity 2022 attackman and midfielder wants those who look up to him to be able to use him as motivation. He freely admits that lacrosse isn’t as popular at Uniondale as it is…

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’23 Bandits Jack Speidell Commits to Harvard

Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Jack Speidell had his choice of a handful of some of the best schools in the country. Those schools combined elite academics and great lacrosse programs, so Speidell couldn’t really go wrong with his final list of colleges. Ultimately, though, the Team 91 2023 Bandits and St. Anthony’s attackman kept coming back…

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’23 Bandits Luke Martin Commits to Johns Hopkins

Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. From the start of his recruiting process, Luke Martin knew that he wanted to find a place where he could set himself up for success for much longer than his college lacrosse career will last. Different players target different things in their recruitments. Martin, though, had the good fortune to have had…

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’23 Bandits Jack Ponzio Commits to Navy

Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The thought of serving his country always had a spot in the back of Jack Ponzio‘s mind. It wasn’t always at the forefront of Ponzio’s thought process, but it was something to which he’d given serious thought. “Serving’s been on my mind ever since I was little,” Ponzio said. “I always thought…

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’23 Bandits Tyler McCarthy Commits to Syracuse

Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Tyler McCarthy had an inkling to expect some kind of interest from national powerhouse Syracuse once Sept. 1 came around. He just didn’t know exactly what was coming when schools could first start reaching out to juniors, and he didn’t want to bank on anything. The Team 91 2023 Bandits and Connetquot midfielder found…

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’23 Bandits Jackson Greene Commits to Harvard

Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It’s rare for a player to identify his dream school as young as five or six years old. Once that’s accomplished, it’s even more rare for someone to follow through on that goal more than a decade later. Fortunately for Jackson Greene, he’s pretty good on following through on whatever he sets…

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’23 Bandits Jake Spallina Commits to Syracuse

Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Jake Spallina was in high demand as soon as Sept. 1, the day that Division I college coaches could finally make contact with the class of 2023, hit. There’s no one in the class that has Spallina’s versatility. He’s one of the best faceoff midfielders in the country, but he makes…

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’22 Smash Bryce Pang Commits to Lehigh

Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Bryce Pang admitted that he felt the nerves kicking in when he went into his rising senior summer as one of two uncommitted players on the Team 91 2022 Smash team, especially as a goalie, at which schools usually limit to one per class. “I was pretty nervous, and it was tough…

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’21 Blaze Ryan Baudo Commits to Western Connecticut

Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Ryan Baudo had a built-in advantage that most players don’t have when it comes to going through the recruiting process. The Team 91 2021 Blaze midfielder by way of St. Anthony’s had the opportunity to tap into his brother’s knowledge and experience when it came down to looking for the perfect fit. Sean Baudo,…

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’21 Blaze Chris Barry Commits to Hofstra

Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Since Sept. 1 of last year, Chris Barry had stood by and happily watched his Team 91 2021 Blaze teammates fly off to the board to so many of the best schools in the country. That didn’t, however, mean that Barry wasn’t frustrated in his own right at times with his personal…

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Club News

Team 91 In The NCAA Division II and III Tournaments

Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Did we miss a Team 91 alum? Email us. CLICK HERE for Division I story. RIT gets the chance to defend its 2021 Division III national championship. The Tigers just claimed their…

Team 91 In The NCAA Division I Tournament

Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Did we miss a Team 91 alum? Email us. A Division II and Division III version of this story will appear later this week.  Saint Joseph’s is finally NCAA tournament-bound! The…

2022 Team 91 in College: May 2 Recap

Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Did we miss a Team 91 alum? Email us.  Christian Michaels was in a zone for Molloy, to say the least. The Team 91 2019 Orange goalie was fantastic in the cage for…