Tryout + evaluation camp 2024

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There's nothing like the Team 91 Evaluation Camp.

We're not just rolling the ball out and having everybody duke it out for spots in a free-for-all. We want every player, whether they make the team or not, to get markedly better by learning from our incredible coaching staff and playing with and against the best talent on Long Island.

Team 91's Evaluation Camp is BACK July 17-18 at Candlewood Middle School in Dix Hills, NY. Open to players in the 2028 through 2036 graduation years, the camp features high-level training, a ton of quality reps and a chance to work with the best coaches in the game. You'll see firsthand what the secret to Team 91's success has been, and it's pretty simple. Dedicated, hard-working athletes who are ready to outwork everyone to get to the top.

Ready? We're waiting. See you there!


July 17-18 2024




Candlewood Middle School | Dix Hills, NY



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