Team 91 believes so passionately in our training methods that we decided to include it in EVERY player's annual tuition. Every Team 91 Long Island player has access to being trained by Team 91 Directors and Team 91's industry-leading training staff. Here are a few of the highlights of the Team 91 Winter Academy Training Program:

+ Team 91 Academy Training is for for all attackmen, midfielders, and defensemen from grades 2-11.
+ Every player has the chance to enhance their talents under the guidance and supervision of Team 91 Directors.
+ Team 91 Directors will be present at every training session to both strengthen and reinforce these skills and techniques.
+ Goaltenders will receive scholarship to our specialty-training partner, One on One Academy of Goaltending.






+ No parents or spectators are allowed in the building.
+ Players should wear their mask while entering and exiting the building. Masks are recommended while playing, however are not mandatory.
+ All players must have their temperature taken upon entry to the building.
+ Players are to use hand sanitizer before entering turf and while exiting turf.
+ Equipment bags should be left in the players’ vehicles.
+ All doors in facility will be open, please dress appropriately.
+ Training will now run 50 minutes, the 10 minute in between is to clean the building and wipe down all surfaces.


(Parking on Mall Drive or in rear of building is suggested. NO parking in neighboring lots are permitted at ANY times.)

Based in Commack, N.Y., the DSTC is a 14,400-square foot facility that houses Dynamic Lacrosse Training, Dynamic Sports Club Teams and many more events that are geared towards sports education and instilling confidence in our players.