’20 Orange Fall Overview

The class of 2020 is officially on the clock again.

As of midnight on Sept. 1, college coaches will be allowed to contact the class of 2020 for the first time since the NCAA enacted legislation that prevents any contact before Sept. 1 of their junior year. More than 50 2020s already committed prior to the rule change, but there is plenty of talent available, including on a stacked Team 91 Orange team. 

Want to learn more about the skilled group? Here’s a breakdown of the team with feedback from coach Jeff Capri

No. 0, Brock Hunt, attack, Don Bosco Prep (N.J.) – Highlights 
A strong righty dodger, Hunt is an excellent shooter who has a ton of chemistry with X attackman Cory Capri. He’s a very good off-ball shooter who thrives when working off of picks. 

No. 1, Gunnar Johnson, midfield, Oceanside
Checking in at an imposing 6-2, 210 pounds, Johnson is a powerful lefty dodger, and he’s dangerous once he gets going downhill. He can also play attack, where he does well off the ball, and is tough on ground balls. 

No. 3 Chad Cusumano, midfield, Smithtown West
Cusumano might be the Orange team’s top defensive midfielder. He made Smithtown West’s varsity team as a sophomore, thanks in large part to his great quickness and toughness that help him defend so well. Cusumano has an aggressive mentality and is good off the ball, too, and he’s strong on the faceoff wings. 

No. 4 Cory Capri, attack, John Glenn – Highlights
A true X attackman who controls the offense, Capri uses his change-of-direction ability to help him dodge at X and draw slides to feed, but he can also take it to the rack. He’s coming off of a 65-point season as a sophomore where he earned all-conference honors. 

No. 9 Ryan Aljader, goalie, Chaminade – Highlights
Aljader uses his high lacrosse IQ and good communicating skills to command his defense. He makes excellent outlet passes and is very tough to beat high, and he also sees the game well and calls out slides. 

Midfielder Elijah Cohen (Horace Greeley)

No. 10 Elijah Cohen, midfield, Horace Greeley – Highlights 
There aren’t many players with more potential than Cohen, who can absolutely uncork lasers and has a 6-4 frame to go with it. A tough dodger, he’s also adept at using his vision and is unselfish in feeding the ball. Cohen is a competitive, coachable and bright player.

No. 14 Trey Sofield, midfield, Long Beach 
Also a starter in wrestling and football, Sofield is the latest standout athlete in a family full of former of college athletes. A lefty dodger who can run by guys in the open field, he’s also strong defensively. 

No. 17 Kyle Connor, defense, Sachem East
Connor looks the part physically at 6-2, 210 pounds, and he’s a quiet shutdown guy who can guard players all over the field. 91 has had him cover both midfielders and attackmen, and nobody can remember a time where he’s been beat clean. He won’t throw many big checks, but his assignment isn’t likely to make a statistical impact, either. 

No. 23 Ronald Durante, goalie, Lindenhurst
Already a two-year starter for Lindenhurstand and also the school’s starting soccer goalie, Durante almost flies under the radar, but he’s got very quick hands and is outstanding on long shots. He’ll come up with some big-time 1v1 saves in tight, and he can beat guys to the end line because of his great speed. 

No. 29 Matthew Warns, LSM, Mattituck
A tall, lanky LSM, Warns will continue to improve, particularly as he adds size. He’s a vacuum on ground balls, which helps him be a force on the wings, and gets the ball upfield in a hurry. 

No. 32 Zachary Stock, LSM, Mount Sinai
A bright, very coachable player, Stock is good on ground balls and has a high lacrosse IQ. He plays within himself and does a good job of calling out slides, as well as angling his man. 

No. 33 Jack McCarthy, defense, Connetquot 
Also a football player, McCarthy brings that mentality to the lacrosse field. A big, fast and strong defenseman, he’s the captain of the defense and is very positionally-sound, and he’s already a two-year starter for Connetquot. 

No. 34 Colby Suglia, defense, Mattituck
Suglia oozes athleticism and has a ton of strength to go with it. A freshman starter for Mattituck, he has a ton of potential and thrives on ball, but he’s not afraid to lay a big hit and he slides well. 

No. 40 Danny Barto, LSM, Long Beach 
Barto is tailor-made for the LSM position. He’s long, very fast and has a football player’s toughness, and he can transition really well. Not sliding to him when he has the ball is a suspect strategy, and he’s also an asset on the faceoff wings and rarely gets beat defensively. 

Midfielder Tyler Dalyrimple (St. Anthony’s)

No. 43 Tyler Dalyrimple, midfield, St. Anthony’s 
Dalyrimple is a first-off-the-bus candidate. He’s close to 6-4 and is well put together, and he uses that size and his athleticism to excel as a defensive midfielder with offensive upside. He corrals a ton of tough ground balls and has potential for days. 

No. 69 Parker Sheppard, FO/M, Mattituck – Highlights 
Sheppard is 91 Orange’s main faceoff guy, and he’s constantly working on his game. He has very quick hands and gets the ball out, and he does a nice job of showing different moves. After the win, he’s athletic and strong enough to stay on the field, and he can handle the ball. 

No. 91 Matt Josefson, midfield, Lindenhurst 
Josefson has plenty of athleticism – he’s also a running back for Lindenhurst – that he uses to get up and down the field with ease. He lives in transition and does great between the lines, and he can be a very dangerous dodger. 

No. 99 Anthony Sand, attack, Holy Trinity – Highlights 
A good lefty attackman, Sand is a strong dodger who’s at his best off the ball. He finds a way to get tough ground balls and is very coachable. 

Jack Fine, FO/M, Roslyn
An excellent athlete who can absolutely blow by people in the open field, Fine is a tough faceoff guy who battles hard at the X and has no qualms about staying on the field to compete as a midfielder. 

Faceoff midfielder Parker Sheppard (Mattituck)