Antonio Masone To Run it Back with Team 91!

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He’s baaaaaaaaack.

Team 91 is proud to announce that 2023 Warriors coach Antonio Masone will continue with the club as coach with the Team 91 2031 and 2033 teams. As head coach of the Warriors, he tirelessly worked to develop a team that will likely end up having double-digit Division I commitments. That’s an incredible achievement, let alone for someone working within two teams at the same age in the same club.

Masone has been a beloved figure with Team 91 players and families. Armed with an infectious personality and a big smile, Masone has kept the majority of the Warriors’ team together for more than a decade, turning them into a top-25 team nationally. A former goalie at Division III power Cabrini, he’s one of the premier goalie coaches on Long Island.

“Antonio is loved by everybody in this club and we are absolutely ecstatic that he’s decided to continue to coach for another decade with Team 91,” Team 91 founder Brian Spallina said. “He works extremely hard to form meaningful relationships with our players and families, and it’s very obvious that there’s an immense amount of respect for everything that he does and everything that he’s all about. Our ’31s and ‘33s are in great hands and we know that they’re going to love working with him.”