Team 91 Winter Training Apparel Packages

Sweat in Style

Time to put in the work to be ready for the spring and summer.

Team 91 Winter Training Apparel Packages are now available. All players will be required to wear them during ALL Team 91 training sessions this winter. To keep up with Team 91's national reputation and media presence, we will be documenting all of our winter training this season. ITS WHAT SETS US APART FROM THE REST! Gear packages are $165 for boys and $145 for girls.

Boys will receive a short sleeve training tee, a long sleeve performance shirt, a quarter zip or sweatshirt (depending on size), training shorts and a full sleeve mesh jersey which will serve as our alternate uniform top this summer (to be handed out at annual spring uniform handout).

We expect the training packages to be here in time for the winter training in December. Please use the link below to purchase this package. Order deadline is October 6. If orders are not in by Oct. 6, we will use the sizes entered at the time of registration and charge the card on file as this apparel package is mandatory for those attending winter training. Exchanges will be very limited as we only order what is requested.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing everyone look sharp at winter training!

Every Player Recieves

Boys - $165

  • Short Sleeve Training Tee
  • Long Sleeve Performance Shirt
  • 1/4 Zip or Sweatshirt
  • Training Shorts
  • Alternate full-sleeve Jersey- to be given out at spring uniform handout

important information


  • Players will be required to wear the items within the package for all trainings. We will have a large media presence to document the training series and we need everyone to be uniform looking
  • The apparel packages are expected to be in for the winter trainings in December.
  • You will have until 10/6 to place the order online
  • After the 10/6 deadline players will be given sizes based on their current registration, and the card on file will be charged
  • EXCHANGES will be MINIMAL as we are ordering only what is requested
  • Families can use the link listed below to purchase this package.