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Uniform Handout

8th Annual

Team 91 Uniform & Equipment Handout

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Team 91 invites our players to the Annual Uniform Handout. We will host the 8th Annual Uniform Handout at a central location where players can come and pick up the gear packages. Players should be present at the Uniform Handout so they can try on their new gear to make sure it fits for season. If gear does not fit we can make exchanges on site. In order to pick up gear packages at the Uniform Handout all balances must be paid in full.



Thursday, March 15th






Dynamic Sport Training Center

71 Mall Drive Commack, NY 11725


The last installment for the payment plans established by Team 91 is due on 3/15. Prior to picking up uniforms all balances must be paid in full. If balances are not paid in full, Team 91 cannot release the gear packages. We will simply hold on to them until balances are paid then families can schedule an appointment to pick gear packages up at our offices.