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Alumni Spotlight

06/16/2017 1:01 PM -


Cody Clarson

Team 91 2015 Orange



 What has been the biggest adjustment for you so far in college?

The biggest change for me coming into college lacrosse was the level of athleticism surrounding me.  Me personally, I relied heavily on my athleticism throughout high school ball and it worked for the most part.  Fast forward a few months into college and I was in a completely different arena.  Guys we're bigger, faster, and stronger and to combat this I had to not only train harder, but hone my actual lacrosse skills.  Shooting, watching film, hitting the wall, these were all things I HAD to do now.  Socially speaking, the change was great.  I immediately had a group of friends that I could rely on (the team) and this made everything from studying, making other friends, doing laundry, and going to practice way easier.

What has surprised you the most about your experience in college?

The thing that surprised me the most in college was the level of freedom you have. And in regards to lacrosse I'd say the biggest surprise came in the weight room.  Workouts were nothing I could ever imagine.  They're tougher than anything I've ever done, but getting through it with your boys is an amazing feeling that can't be recreated.  







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