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05/09/2017 9:00 AM -



Name: Madden Murphy
School District: East Setauket
Team: 2024 Wolfpack
Position: Midfield/ FOGO
Shoots: Right


Who is your hero? Why?:  Brendan Fowler is someone I look up to. He is a FOGO, I also face off and enjoy watching him.
When did you first pick up a lacrosse stick?: 5 Years Old
What is the funniest thing that happened to you playing lacrosse?:  Nothing really "funny" but I did have some "interesting" falls that brought me some laughs.
What is your most treasured possession? Why?: XBOX
What is your state to play lacrosse?: MD
What is your favorite season to play lacrosse? Why?: My favorite season is Spring because the weather starts to get warmer and it turely is the beginning of lax season.
Favorite sport to watch on TV?: Football- Love the Giants
What is your favorite movie?: Step Brothers
What is your favorite part of playing lacrosse? Why?: My favorite part about playing lacrosse is competing against competitive teams. My teams always loves the challenge!
Who is your favorite team to play against?: The best
What is your favorite emoji? Why?: 100
Who is your favorite lacrosse team to watch? Why?: My favorite team to watch is Duke. Its a team I hope to play for one day.
Does a straw have one hole or two?: 2
What is your favorite trick shot?: The backhand shot
What do you want to be when you grow up?:  When  I grow up I would love to be a professional athlete.
In your opinion, who is the best lacrosse player you know? Why?: I feel the best lacrosse player is Paul Rabil. He's exciting to watch and created such a name for himself. He's Awesome.
What is your favorite Lacrosse Tournament to go to? Why?: My favorite tournament to go to is the Elite 8 because every team that attends is good. 
What is your favorite Holiday? Why?: My favorite holiday is Christmas! Everyone likes to get presents... right

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