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Box Lacrosse Academy

With its unparelleled professional box lacrosse experience as both players and coaches, the Directors of Team 91 will be shifting Select Box into a more training focused entity. Starting this winter, ALL Team 91 players will be invited to train in its exclusive Select Box Education System.  We feel that this is more inclusive to our players and their families and will aid in a player's development.

Players will have the chance to be invited to play in the nation's most competive box lacrosse events including USBOXLA and NLF scantioned events.

Box lacrosse is one of the fastest ways to increase a player's stick skill proficiency and overall effectiveness. The fast pace and minimal stoppages lead to more repetitions for everyone and acceleration in learning and mastery of lacrosse skills.  Canadian youth players start playing box lacrosse first and do not transition into field lacrosse until middle school or higher and  have been accelerating their presence in the U.S college game, they are rapidly turning out  some of the most dominant players on every collegiate level (i.e. DI/DII/DIII).

Players will be taught all aspects of Canadian style indoor lacrosse skills including the following:

  • Shooting Accuracy
  • Faking Proficiency
  • Stickhandling In Tight Spaces
  • Pick and Roll Offense/Defense
  • Two-Man Game