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Academy Training


We here at Team 91 believe so passionately in our training methods that we have decided to include it in EVERY player’s annual tuition.

Now every player in the Team 91 Long Island club will have access to being trained by Team 91 Directors and its industry leading training staff.  Here are a few of the highlights of the Team 91 Academy Training Program:

  • Team 91 Academy Training will take place for all attack, midfielders and defenseman from grades 3-11.
  • Every player will have the chance to enhance their talents under the guidance and supervision of Team 91 Directors.
  • Team 91 Directors will be present at every training session to both strengthen and reinforce these skills and techniques.
  • Goaltenders will receive scholarships to our specialty-training partner, One on One Academy of Goaltending.
  • Faceoff specialists will receive specialty-training partner.



February 10, 17 (NO TRAINING ON FEB 24)
12:00-1:00PM- 2028-2027
1:00-2:00PM- 2026-2024
2:00-3:00PM- 2023-2022
3:00-4:00PM- 2021-Varisty
4:00-5:00PM- Team 91 K-3 Academy Training
US Academy of Soccer (Farmingdale Bubble)
875 Conklin Street Farmingdale NY 11735



*Players will only need helmets, gloves, stick, and mouth piece*

*February 24th- Times are subject to change*