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2019 Coaches
Jimmy Mulé | Ross Turrini 
Brian O'Keefe | Scott Craig | Darren MacGilvray
Dave Koehler | Ian Prate| Jake Slater
2020 Coaches
Joe Spallina | Andy Martin | John Arline
Robbie Campbell | Jeff Capri | Eric Geringswald
2021 Coaches
Brian Spallina | Chris Rogler | Mike Baudo
Doug Schanars | Shane Craig | Ken Berry | Ray Teiner
2022 Coaches
Sal Locascio Scott Mollica | Joe Spallina
Josh Marksberry | Joey Locascio | James Detomasso
2023 Coaches
Joe Spallina | Andy Martin | Billy Duffy
Antonio Masone | Mike Mayerhofer | Pat Shannahan
2024 Coaches
Jeff Aiello | Mike Luce |Rich Garguilo
2025 Coaches
Jimmy Mule | Brian O'Keefe | Ross Turrini
Jim Gillis | Pat Perritt
2026 Coaches
Dan Paccione | Timmy Byrnes
2027 Coaches
Brian Spallina | Chris Rogler | Rich Garguilo
Jim Enright | Ryan Walsh | Pat Perritt
2028 Coaches
Danny Spallina | Timmy Byrnes | Jason Lavey



We here at Team 91 believe so passionately in our training methods that we have decided to include it in EVERY player's annual tuition. Now every player in the Team 91 Long Island club will have access to being trained by Team 91 Academy Directors and its industry leading training staff.
Brian Spallina     Timmy Byrnes     Dan Paccione     Joe Spallina     Josh Marksberry     Chris Rogler     Brian O'Keefe     Rob Campbell