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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I join Team 91?
Team 91 was started with one thing in mind. To provide an unparalleled level of teaching, that which is not seen in travel most organizations. Now in our seventh year, our coaches are among some of the best in the game today! They include 3 MLL Coaches of the Year, MLL Positional Players of the Year, and several MLL All-Stars, as well as countless college All-American players as well as college and HS coaches. Some of the things that separate Team 91 from other travel teams:
  • Team 91 Academy Training for all offensive and defensive players, as well as special training for goalkeepers and FOGOs.
  • Team 91 is one of the only two clubs on on LI that has membership in the National Lacrosse Federation. NLF membership allows access to the most competitive and exclusive tournaments, showcases + camps in the nation.
  • The most giveaways and freshest gear around!
  • Team 91 is the only club on LI with their very own training facility! Due to open in October 2017, the Dynamic Sports Training Center will house the Team 91 Academy.


2. What is the Dynamic Sports Training Center?
Every player in the Team 91 system will have year-round training and practices at their very own training facility located in Commack, NY. The DSTC has over 10,000sq/ft of training space with top of the line trainers, equipment and state of the art lighting, netting and training equipment.  This is what sets Team 91 apart from all of the other clubs in the U.S.! For more information about the DSTC, click here.
3. How will I know if I made a team?
Team rosters will be posted by tryout jersey number to the Team 91 website. If your number does not appear on any of the rosters, it does not mean that you will not make a team. Invitations will be ongoing until the team rosters are full.
4. How do I secure my spot on Team 91?
Once posted, we ask that players register online to secure their spot. We will begin fall practices within two weeks of the end of tryouts. All registrations are done online.  Players will have three payment options upon accepting their spot.
  • Option 1 - Upon accepting their spot, players will make their deposit payment. Player's credit card will be charged in seven (7) equal installments monthly ending at the uniform + equipment handout in spring.
  • Option 2 - Upon accepting their spot, players will make their deposit payment. Player's credit card will be charged in three (3) equal bi-monthly payments ending at the uniform + equipment handout in spring.
  • Option 3 - Upon accepting their spot, players will make a full annual tuition payment.
5. What is the Team 91 Refund Policy?
Once a player commits to playing for Team 91 after tryouts, that spot is theirs. Player is committing to the full-year program as well as annual tuition. To receive a refund, prorated or otherwise, another player must fill that player's roster position.  If the player misses time because of an injury, a doctor's note must be supplied for any refund consideration. It is a requirement for registration to waive rights to refunds for any reason.
Many of your questions can be ansered on our e-brochure. Click the image below to read.